V33+, a multigrain-millet based flour

(A flour made-up of more than 33 varieties of whole grains & millets)

V33+ is a natural source of proteins, vitamins, minerals & dietary fibers.

Daily consumption of a balanced & nutritious diet like V33+, improves immunity, helps to fight diseases & reduces the dependency on medicines.

In a busy, hectic & stressed life, V33+ provides most of the nutritional requirement
for people of age group 1 year and above.

Unscientific food habit is said to be the cause of diabetes, cholesterol problems, obesity, constipation etc., making V33+ a part of our daily diet helps in the better management of health.

Variety of dishes like Dosa, Rotti, Idly, Ganji (Porridge), Paddu (Gundponglu), Mudde etc., can be prepared from our V33+ flour and having it as part of the daily diet helps to keep good health.

Main Ingredients :

"Navane, Harka, Sajje, Ragi, Saame, Baragu, Oodalu, Jola, Jave Godhi, Kemp Akki, Muskln Jola, Barlie, Mentya, Mataka, Masoora, Hesarkalu, Rajma, Tugari, Kadale, Beeja, Channa, Avare, Halasande, Hurali etc .."

Nutrition Value :

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