Vegetables: Onion, Ginger, Carrot, Coconut – grates ;
Green chili, Coriander - chops.
TSP – Tea Spoon; TBS – Table Spoon.

1) Dosa – Add 200gms of V33+ flour, 3TSP sour curd or ¼ tsp of yeast & sufficient water to make a thick paste. Let it ferment for 5 to 8 hours. Later….. add sufficient water to make dosa batter. Add salt to taste & grated vegetable and prepare dosa on hot tava. Eat, enjoy & be healthy.

2) Paddu (Gund ponglu) - the above Dosa batter can also be used to prepare paddu as well, on a paddu tava.

3) Rotti – Add V33+ flour 200 gms, grated vegetable & salt to taste, add sufficient water & prepare dough.
Make rotti on a tava or bandle.

4) Porridge / Ganji -

Method (1): Take 100ml water, 50 ml milk, ½ TSP Ghee in a vessel & heat it. In a separate vessel take 4 TSP V33+ flour & mix it with 50 ml water & make a smooth paste without nodules. When the water starts boiling add the prepared solution & keep stirring to avoid nodules. Boil the solution for 3 mins & cool it. Add salt or sugar to taste.

Method (2): Add 4 to 5 TSP of V33+ to 200 ml water in a vessel, heat it.
Keep stirring to avoid nodules. If required add some more water & keep stirring. Boil for 3 mins, cool it & enjoy the porridge.

*** If required can add grated vegetables / water / salt / sugar / Ghee / Jaggery powder / milk / dry fruits to the porridge / Ganji. (Optional : add butter milk to cool Ganji ) ***

5) Plain idly – Add V33+ flour 200gms, urd flour 30gms, make a stiff paste, ferment for 8 hours. Add water to make idli batter & add grated vegetable & salt to taste. Steam idlies & enjoy it.

6) Rava idly – Add V33+ flour 100gms, 100gms of fried Bombay rava (or medium rava), 1 TBS curd, ½ TBS milk, prepare thick paste with sufficient water, ferment for 4 hours. Add salt & grated vegetables to taste. Prepare idly batter with sufficient water. Steam rava idlies & enjoy it.

7) Mudde – V33+ flour100 gms, (optional: add equal amount of Ragi flour). Take 4 TSP flour & dissolve it in 100ml luke warm water. Stir well & make sure nodules are not formed. Keep 250ml water on the stove, (Optional: 1/2 TSP Ghee / oil) & boil. Add the diluted flour mix, keep stirring & boil it. Add the remaining flour mix slowly & keep stirring so that nodules are not formed. Cook for 3 minutes & mudde is ready.

8) Milkshake – Roast V33+ flour in a pan or bandle or Kadai for 4 to 5 minutes or till we get the raw smell of the grains. Keep stirring the flour. Once we smell the grains, turn off the flame. Roasted flour can be directly used in a glass of hot milk. Add jaggery or sugar to taste with half spoon of ghee or a pinch of cardamom powder. Roasted V33+ flour can be used to make milk shake with banana which is a very good post or pre work out energy drink.

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